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70 Leadership Quotes From The Best Christian Conference I Attended In 2017

I attend a number of leadership conferences each year.  What I have discovered is we are in a golden age of Christian leadership content.  Never has there been such breadth of knowledge and the skill to deliver it.
The best conference I attended in 2017 was the ReThink Conference this past April 26th and 28th.  Put on by Carey Nieuwhof and Orange, this conference provides the most the relevant content on the issues facing today’s senior pastors and church leaders.  If you only have enough budget to attend one conference per year, ReThink and Orange is the one.
The Orange and ReThink Leadership team are offering readers of this site a discount for early registration to the 2018 event in Atlanta.  Click HERE or on the image above and save $60 if you register this week.  Trust me – you will not be disappointed.
To give you a preview, the following are 70 Leadership Quotes From ReThink Leadership, The Best Christian Conference I Attended In 2017:
  1. The vision of the church was handed to us. We can’t come up with our own vision.
  2. You don’t have a ministry problem.  You have a strategy problem.
  3. The reason vision falls flat is you don’t have a strategy.
  4. The last 10% of the change is hardest. Show me blended worship and I’ll show you someone fearing change.
  5. It’s easy to change something someone else built. It’s much more difficult to change something you built.
  6. The temptation to strategize once is very strong and the direct path to irrelevance.
  7. Yesterday’s ideas never attract tomorrow’s leaders.
Reggie Joiner
  1. Yesterday’s ideas never attract tomorrow’s leaders.
  2. Kids are the engine of growth for reaching your community.
  3. You need to put your best talent in front of your best potential.
  4. We have amazing leaders who show up to invest in kids and teenagers. But senior pastors set the tone for that.
  5. We’re going to get the leaders for family and children’s ministry before we get leaders for anywhere else.
  6. Suicides peak at 10th grade in our country.
Jeff Henderson
  1. Insideritis – a malady afflicting the vision of an organization resulting in focusing on insiders over outsiders.
  2. As leaders, the main arsenal we have is what comes out of our mouths. But it helps if we can help people see it.
  3. “One of the best things you can do as a leader is write three Thank You notes a day.”
Jon Acuff
  1. As leaders it’s our job to learn how to criticize the right way.
Frank Bealer
  1. We spend too many times operating as if ministry is filled with surprises. We need to stop being surprised and start having a friend.
Nicole Fulgham Baker – founder and president of The Expectations Project
  1. You cannot tell me every child God put on this planet can’t achieve and reach their full potential.
  2. If your schools are doing great, then drive 25 minutes and you’ll find some who aren’t.
Les McKeown
  1. When in a group discussion, put the interest of the enterprise ahead of your own.
  2. Why do most early churches fail, they run out of resources before they run out of vision. You’ve got to keep a focus on viability.
  3. I’m all for trial and error, but when you get traction, you have to go through it.
  1. Culture is who you are, what you value, and how do you get things done.
  2. Culture determines how you see staff. How you see staff determines how you treat staff.
  3. Lead with vision, not job descriptions.
  4. Trust is the foundation of empowerment. Micromanagement and control kills trust.
  5. If you make the same mistake twice, you’re not learning.
  6. When you can’t recruit with vision you have to buy them.
  7. You’re not hiring an administrative assistant to make your life easier. You’re hiring an administrative assistant to make you more productive.
  8. A great assistant will actually make you work harder.
  9. Great teams are not afraid to have high standards.
  10. I’m amazed in church how we avoid tough conversations. Most churches are one tough decision away from a breakthrough.
  11. Equipping is training people for a specific ministry task. Developing is pouring into an individual so they become bigger, better person.  Equipping is on the church’s agenda.  Developing is on the person’s agenda.
Kara Powell
  1. Young people give our church more vitality, innovation, passion, and even more money. They may not have money but their parents do.
  2. The enthusiasm of young people is not your church’s problem. It is your church’s solution.
  1. You have to have a vision caster. But you have to create vision carriers.
  2. Nothing influences culture more than storytelling. Once you tell the story the culture recreates itself.
  3. I can’t care about everything equally.
Andy Stanley
  1. Sex before marriage is a sin.
  2. I don’t want to do anything that hurts. I don’t want to do anything that would diminish your future relationship.  I don’t want to be a regret.   – On why not to have premarital sex
  3. If you mistreat one of my kids, don’t invite me to lunch.
  4. You do something for my children, you’ll be my friend forever.
Clay Scroggins
  1. The influence and effectiveness of our team is most determined by our individual emotional health.
  2. Great leaders are not necessary made up of people with high IQ. There made up of people with high EQ.
  3. Emotional Health – The ability to recognize and manage our emotions as well as control our behavior in response to other people’s actions.
  4. The worst form of white noise is the phone. Have you noticed how much prayer we’ve lost to scrolling on the phone?
  5. White noise kills curiosity.
  6. Identify the emotion. Men only have two emotions.  We’re either angry or happy.
Jud Wilhite
  1. I know we’ve built a crowd. Have we built a church?  When you call your people to sacrifice, you know if you’ve built a crowd or a church.
  2. Your best leadership in the downturn, not the upturn.
  3. Your best leadership in the downturn when no one is watching is what enables you to celebrate when everyone is watching.
  4. Define Reality – My job is to define reality. There’s nothing worse than following a leader who says everything’s great when it’s not great.
  5. Don’t break faith before you break through. Ministry is hard.  Ministry is crazy.
  6. Pastors, you are the keeper of the keys to the funny farm. You are also an anointed, empowered servant of God who is on a mission.
  1. Content is a commodity.  So what is the distinctive for our churches – connection, conversation and community.
  2. Information and knowledge used to flow from old to young.  Now it flows from young to old.
Carey Nieuwhof
  1. You can have a church with well-behaved senior adults or you can have kids.
  2. The more you know the more cynical you get.
  3. Unchecked, knowledge brings sorrow.
  4. The best antidote to cynicism is curiosity. The cynical is never curious.  The curious are never cynical.  Cynics never ask questions.
Bob Goff
  1. Make room for the things God has for you by making room in your schedule.
  2. We don’t need to be arguing. Jesus doesn’t need a bunch of lawyers.  He needs a bunch of neighbors.
  3. Jesus doesn’t need your help. He wants your heart.
Carlos Whitaker
  1. It is so easy to confuse leading out of a place of pain rather than a place of promise.
  2. Social media is not real. It’s edited.  It’s produced.
Ryan Leak
  1. People come to church and leave the church for the exact same reason. They come for the preaching.  They leave for the preaching.  They come for the music.  They leave for the music.
Jon Acuff
  1. If you are a high performance leader, you are likely a high anxiety leader.
  2. I can’t try to prevent failure that hasn’t happened yet.
  3. You don’t get smarter the later you stay up.
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10 Leadership Quotes From Baker Mayfield’s Heisman Trophy Speech

As expected, Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield was named the winner of the 2017 Heisman Trophy signifying college football’s best player.  Because of his on and off-field behavior, Mayfield is one of the more controversial winners of the award.
Quarterbacks are over-valued in the NFL draft process and many general managers and coaches are desperate for a quality signal caller.  Therefore, despite size and character concerns, I feel Mayfield will be a first round selection.
The following are 10 Leadership Quotes From Baker Mayfield’s Heisman Trophy Speech I captured from ESPN’s telecast.  Comments from others are included as well as additional leadership quotes from ESPN College Gameday and Sports Illustrated features on Mayfield..
  1. “Stat wise Lamar Jackson will go down as the best football all-around quarterback, player to ever play the game.  Ever.” – Lee Corso
  2. “I don’t know if I’ve seen a player where the defense, the coaches, the entire offense feed off his energy… Watch how he wills his team.” – Kirk Herbstreit on Mayfield
  3. “I just try to stay humble.” – Jackson
  4. “I see myself as a quarterback (in the NFL)… I’ve always been a quarterback.  I’ve never played another position.” – Jackson
  5. “That is what I do is play football but I feel like just being able to contribute to the world and being there to take care of others would be amazing.” – Stanford running back Bryce Love
  6. “It takes a village to raise a young man like this… We really tried to keep it positive with him and he was great at setting goals.” – Chris Love, Bryce’s father
  7. “Injuries are part of the game and you ultimately have to push through them.” – Love
  8. “No one who has ever won the Heisman Trophy began his career as a walk-on.” – Chris Fowler referring to Mayfield
  9. “There something’s to be said for having to earn it.” – Mayfield
  10. “I’ve apologized for mistakes and learned from it.  I’m moving forward.” – Mayfield
  11. “I don’t have it all figured out.” – Mayfield
  12. “God has put me in a position to be so blessed.” -Mayfield
  13. “The thing I’m most thankful for is you hiring Coach (Lincoln) Riley.” – Mayfield to former head coach Bob Stoops
  14. “To the kids out there, don’t give up.  Don’t ever give up.” – Mayfield
ESPN College Gameday, December 4th
  • Leaders Do Not Always Determine The Type Of Legacy They Will Leave – “I want my legacy to be inspirational, motivating for kids… keep on fighting.  Never give up on your dreams.”  – Mayfield
Sports Illustrated, December 4th
  • Successful Leaders Must Thrive In Hostile Environments – “I think I was truly born to thrive in hostile environments.  I find it fun to have a little back-and-forth conversation with the opposing fan base.” – Mayfield
  • The First Responsibility Of Leadership Is To Properly Evaluate Reality – “That’s who I am, an emotional guy, a fiery guy, always played with an edge.  The coaches that are here with me, they love it, cause they know that’s when I’m at my best.  I would never say I take it over the top.” – Mayfield
  • Most Successful Leaders Always Feel They Have Something To Prove – “They (Texas A&M) saw that I was the size I was, and I could tell that they were not interested at all.  They looked at me like I didn’t deserve to be there.  It was a slap in the face.” – Mayfield
  • Successful Leaders Have Strong People Skills – “He’s made real friends with almost everyone here.” – Sooners teammate Jaxon Uhles
  • Successful Leaders Have Proper Perspective – “He’s hardheaded in a lot of ways.  And he’s very comfortable in his own skin.  And sometimes that can lead you to not having perspective, not really looking at a situation, and maybe not handling it the best way.” – Oklahoma Sooners head coach Mike Riley
  • Successful Leaders Are Special – “No matter how long I go on coaching, whatever the rest of my career ends up being like, I don’t know that I’ll ever have a player that’s as special to me as he is… He’s the best football player in America.  He’s got a great heart that a lot of people don’t get to see like I do, and I’m proud as hell to be his coach.” – Coach Riley
What is one lesson you can learn from Baker Mayfield which will make you a better leader?
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9 Lessons For Self-Absorbed Leaders

Bryce Petty’s Twitter profile says, “Jesus won so we could lose, Jesus succeeded so we could fail 1 Peter 5:6-7”  Bryce is a Christian.  He is a leader.  Many people know him as one of the most successful quarterbacks in Baylor’s history and the current back-up for the New York Jets.  But the 22-second video shown above tells you all you need to know about this man and his leadership.
The following are 9 Lessons for Self-Absorbed Leaders I gleaned from the video above:
  1. As the text says, “its bigger than you”.  Leadership is never about you.
  2. Leadership is always temporary.  Be a wonderful steward of your influence while you have it.
  3. Those who arrive early get the greatest blessings.  Fans who arrived late did not get to play catch with a NFL quarterback.
  4. Great leaders build bridges and connect with others.
  5. Great leaders prioritize the next generation and invest in them.
  6. Great leaders create positive memories for others.
  7. Great leaders build margin into their lives to impact others.
  8. Leaders have a limited amount of time.  Use it impact the lives of others.
  9. Great leaders are generous.  Leaders will always be remembered by what they gave away, not what they accumulated.
Thank you Bryce for making time for those attending Thursday evening’s game.  May God continue to bless all your efforts.
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23 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Nick Saban, James Franklin, Mark Richt And Others

The world of sports provides leaders some of their greatest leadership insights.  Sports requires teamwork, preparation, coaching, effort, people skills, overcoming adversity, continual improvement and dealing with winning and losing.  Most importantly, sports provides immediate feedback and measurable results.  Sports is not subjective.  Someone either wins and loses.
23 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Nick Saban, James Franklin, Mark Richt And Other of college football’s top coaches.  Their thoughts will make you a better leader.
ESPN College Gameday – October 14th
  • Great Leaders Always Have A Message For Others And Creatively Get It To Them – “I always have a message.  And I want to get the message to our fans and I want to get our message to our players.” – when talking to the media
  • Great Leaders Make Mistakes Too – “Sometimes things come out that I wish didn’t.” – in press conferences
  • Great Leaders Have Great Respect Their Opponents – “You’ve got to give the other team credit.  You’ve got to respect your opponent and you’ve got to play to a high standard all the time.  That’s the challenge.”
  • Great Leaders Are Always Fighting Against The Human Condition – “It’s not the human condition to be that way.  The human condition for everyone is to survive…It wasn’t to be the best you could be.  It wasn’t to win the championship.  That’s special.”
  • The Challenge For Great Leaders Is To Get Others To Be Continually Great – “To get a group of people to be special all the time, in every situation…it’s a real challenge and that’s why people get beat in the Top 10 every week.”

  • Great Leaders Must Properly Evaluate Reality – “We’re not at the point where we can just line up and impose our will on people.” – Miami (FL) head coach Mark Right
  • Great Leaders Help Others Develop A Winning Mindset – “We’re excited about winning.  We’re trying to establishing that mindset and doing the things it takes to win.” – Coach Richt
  • The Road To Positive Results Runs Through Adversity – “A lot of positive things are happening through the adversity we’ve been able to overcome to this point.” – Coach Richt
  • Great Leaders Are Refreshing – “How refreshing is Mark Richt at Miami as head coach?  That was wisdom right there, perspective.” – Kirk Herbstreit
  • Great Leaders Focus On The Present While Also Looking Into The Future – “Our goal is to be 1-0 this week.” – Penn State head coach James Franklin
  • The Road To Success Run Through Continual Improvement – “To be in improvement.  That’s constantly what we’re looking for.  Improvement will lead to success (which) will lead to championships.” – Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh
  • Great Leaders Know There Is Always Something To Improve – “There’s still more out there to improve.” – Coach Harbaugh
  • Great Leaders Do Not Want Or Need Someone Else’s Players – “We got the guys we need.  Our respect, our support, our love, our brotherhood here is not changed by a score.” – Coach Harbaugh
CBS Sports October 14th
  • Great Leaders Value Great Consistency – “I think consistency in performance is the key to success.” – Coach Saban
  • Great Leaders Have Great Intelligence – “He’s about as intelligent a person as I’ve ever been around.” – Coach Saban on Mark Zuckerberg
ESPN College Gameday Octobert 28th
  • The Ability To Execute Is The Differentiator Between Two Equally-Talented Opposing Teams – “They (Ohio State) got talent.  We got talent.  They got speed.  We got speed.  They have good schemes.  We got good schemes.  So it’s going to come down to mental and physical toughness. It’s going to come down to who wants it more and execute. – Coach Franklin
  • Great Leaders Fight Complacency – “Every single team in this league is a challenge.  If you don’t bring your A game, you’ll get beat.” – Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney
  • Great Leaders Expect Great Success – “Let’s act like we’ve been there before so we can get back to where we want to be.” – Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly
  • Great Leaders Embrace The Grind Of Preparation And Hard Work – “I’ve got to continue to embrace something’s that really hard and that’s the grind, the preparation, the hard work week-in and week-out.” – Coach Kelly
  • Great Leaders Understand Great Expectations Are Placed Upon Them – “Notre Dame is not better than any other institution but you’re shopping down a different aisle.” – Coach Kelly
FOX PreGame Show October 28th
  • Great Leaders Take Great Pride In Who They Are – “We’re a hardworking team that takes great pride in who we are.  We’re a tough football team playing at a high level (who is) playing a very good team.  Once a foot hits the ball it’s about execution.” – Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer
  • Great Leaders Know Everything Is About Relationships – “Our overall organizational philosophy is everything’s about relationships.  If these player’s know how much we care about them and how much we love them, we have their trust.  Then you can be really demanding of people.  But if you’re going to coach them hard, you’ve got to love them hard as well and that’s what we do.” – Coach Franklin
  • Great Leaders Do Not Focus On Yesterday’s Success – “Last year’s last year.  We’re worried about this season and this game today.” – Coach Franklin
What is one thing you learned from this list which will make you a better leader?
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Selamat datang di pelatihan kami bagi para pemimpin masa depan gereja abad ke-21 dan para pemimpin misi. Ini adalah pelatihan tanpa tembok, tanpa batas, tanpa biaya dan bebas dari batasan-batasan politik, agama, ras, jenis kelamin maupun denominasi. Kami berharap bahwa pelajaran-pelajaran ini akan mengilhami dan memberkati ribuan orang yang hatinya sedang berkobar-kobar dalam kasih mula-mula kepada Yesus.
Fakta bahwa Anda segera mengikuti pelatihan ini sudah menunjukkan bahwa Anda sangat rindu untuk mengenal Tuhan dengan lebih baik, dan bahwa dalam hati Anda, Anda ingin melihat orang-orang dalam keluarga Anda dan bangsa Anda, dan bahkan juga mereka yang belum terjangkau, juga orang-orang miskin di dunia ini, diubahkan ke dalam kehidupan
sebagai seorang murid, yang kudus dan tinggal dalam kasih dan pemeliharaan Allah di dalam iman kepada Yesus Kristus.
Pelatihan ini akan membantu Anda mewujudkan hal di atas. Ini adalah Pelajaran Pertama, sangat sederhana dan merupakan perkenalan. Pelajaran-pelajaran selanjutnya lebih lengkap, dan berisikan hal-hal yang baik untuk dipelajari dan dipraktikkan. Secara pribadi saya dan rekan-rekan pelayanan telah melakukan semuanya, dan mengajarkannya di kelas, memberikannya kepada ribuan orang, dan sekarang pelajaran-pelajaran ini menjadi milik Anda. Saya berdoa agar Anda mendapatkan berkat yang sama, tertantang dan dibawa kepada Tuhan dan jalan-jalan-Nya sebagaimana yang pernah dan terus saya alami.
Pelatihan atau Sekolah Alkitab ini tidak menawarkan gelar teologia tetapi melatih umat Tuhan secara praktis menjadi seorang murid Kristus yang dapat menghidupi kebenaran, mengabarkan Kabar Baik terhadap sesama, memuridkan, memulai pelatihan serupa ini maupun merintis atau menanam gereja.

Pastor. Dave Broos

The Eagles Nest Ministries

Eagles Nest Discipleship Courses bekerjasama dengan DCI dan United Christian Faith Ministries

Bagaimana Mengikuti Eagles Nest  Discipleship Courses dengan Sukses?

1. Pertama-tama kami akan memberikan Anda garis besar tentang apa yang telah kami pelajari selama bertahun-tahun. Dengan pertolongan Roh Kudus, Alkitab, doa kami dan pikiran yang terbuka, kami percaya bahwa Anda akan dapat menangkap seluruh pelajaran.
Pelatihan ini terdiri dari berbagai tema yang saling berkaitan secara berurut, yang pasti penting dan bermanfaat bagi gereja-gereja, terutama di negara-negara berkembang:
- Penginjilan
- Misi
- Pemuridan tingkat dasar untuk orang percaya baru
- Pemuridan tingkat lanjut
- Panggilan Allah
- Mempercayai Allah dalam hal keuangan
- Pelatihan kepemimpinan
- Pembangunan gereja
- Datanglah kerajaan-Mu
- Kehidupan doa sebagai gaya hidup & nafas kehidupan
- Menjadi alat Tuhan di dalam masyarakat
- Menjadi umat yang profetis

2. Kedua, kami ingin agar Anda menyampaikan kepada orang lain, semua yang telah Anda pelajari dari pelatihan ini, supaya Firman Allah tersebar luas. Kami akan menunjukkan kepada Anda cara melakukannya tanpa mengeluarkan banyak uang, karena kita semua tahu betapa sulit mendapatkannya. Sekolah yang kami maksud, tidak harus berupa gedung khusus dengan staf pengajar yang profesional. Para murid kami dapat berkumpul di
gedung gereja, rumah, toko, dan bahkan di bawah pohon di udara terbuka. Yang Anda perlukan hanya satu kelompok dengan orang-orang yang siap, Alkitab, bahan-bahan ini dan kehadiran Allah di tengah-tengah Anda. Kami akan membantu Anda dari awal sampai akhir.
Akhirnya, kami sangat berharap agar mereka yang sudah belajar dari Anda dapat pergi mengajarkan kepada orang lain, dengan menggunakan catatan-catatan yang sama, dan cara-cara sederhana dalam menyampaikan Firman Allah.

Bagaimana pelatihan ini dapat berjalan dengan maksimal?

Pelatihan ini akan berjalan dengan maksimal manakala sang pemimpin mengikuti pendekatan efektif yang sama seperti diterapkan Yesus kepada para murid-Nya, dan juga seperti yang dilakukan Paulus terhadap Timotius.
Apa yang telah engkau dengar dari aku di depan banyak saksi, percayakanlah itu kepada orang-orang yang dapat dipercayai, yang juga cakap mengajar orang lain. (2 Timotius 2:2)
Kami berharap Anda dapat menangkap firman ini sejak awal. Di tahun 2001 pendekatan ini sangat dikenal di antara gereja-gereja yang bertumbuh pesat di seluruh dunia dengan nama G12, yaitu suatu pengembangan dari prinsip gereja sel yang diajarkan oleh Pastor Yonggi
Cho dari Korea, dan sekarang dijalankan dengan sangat berhasil oleh Pastor Cesar Castellanos dari Bogota, Kolombia, yang melihat jemaat yang dipimpinnya bertumbuh dari 8 menjadi 120.000 orang dalam kurun waktu 10 tahun. Dia berkata, Saya mulai melihat pelayanan Yesus dengan jelas. Banyak orang mengikuti-Nya, tetapi Ia tidak melatih mereka. Ia hanya melatih 12 orang, dan apapun yang Ia lakukan di tengah-tengah banyak orang
adalah dalam rangka mengajar 12 murid-Nya itu. Kemudian Tuhan bertanya kepada saya pertanyaan yang lain. Jika Yesus melatih 12 orang, apakah Anda harus memenangkan lebih dari 12 atau kurang dari 12? Yesus memilih 12 orang untuk menjangkau banyak orang. Ia tetap bersama 12 orang ini, sampai mereka dilatih dengan baik, dan Ia melepaskan mereka, memberikan mereka otoritas dan memampukan mereka untuk memuridkan bangsa-bangsa.
Gembala, pemimpin, murid hal terbaik yang harus dilakukan adalah mencari 12 orang itu untuk Anda ajarkan pelatihan ini. Firman Allah dan Roh Kudus akan menyatukan iman dan komitmen setiap orang, dan mentransferkan karakter Kristus di dalam kelompok Anda melalui pemuridan ini, sebelum Anda melepas mereka yang siap untuk memenangkan 12 orang lagi, sementara Anda tetap dalam persekutuan dengan mereka sebagai kelompok Anda yang tetap.

Lihatlah betapa luar biasa kekuatan G12 ini:
Bila Anda mengajar diri Anda sendiri ~ hanya 1 orang mendengar firman
Bila Anda membagikan pelajaran kepada 12 orang ~ 13 orang mendengar
firman Tuhan.
Bila 12 orang itu masing-masing mengajar 12 orang lagi ~ 157 orang
mendengar firman Tuhan.
Bila 157 orang itu masing-masing mengajar 12 orang lagi ~ 1.884 orang
mendengar firman Tuhan.
Bila 1.884 orang itu mengajar 12 orang lagi ~ 22.608 orang mendengar
firman Tuhan.

Dan tiba-tiba Anda mengalami kegerakan dari Allah. Hal ini terjadi di Cina, dan terus terjadi hari ini di Amerika Latin dan Afrika, di mana Pelatihan Pelipatgandaan seperti ini terbukti menjadi satu-satunya cara yang paling efektif untuk mengajarkan ribuan orang yang memutuskan untuk mengikut Kristus. Bersama-sama kita dapat melatih banyak orang, untuk menjadi orang percaya yang dewasa rohani, dan yang bersedia pergi melakukan pekerjaan pelayanan menginjili, memuridkan, dan membantu orang-orang yang miskin, untuk membangun iman, usaha dan keuangan yang penting untuk menyebarluaskan Injil. Di dalam Kitab Kejadian pasal pertama, dituliskan bahwa ketika Firman Allah datang bersama-sama
dengan Roh Allah, terjadilah suatu ledakan dari kehidupan baru, dan inilah doa kami, agar Tuhan melakukan hal yang sama sekarang ini, di dalam kehidupan Anda, dan dalam komunitas pergaulan Anda.

Apakah pelatihan ini sulit?

Pelajaran-pelajaran ini telah teruji dengan baik di gereja-gereja di Afrika, India dan di kalangan komunitas Latin, tentunya disesuaikan dengan budaya setempat. Mereka mengatakan bahwa pengajaran ini Alkitabiah, benar, relevan dengan negara-negara berkembang, dan difokuskan pada semangat mereka untuk menjalankan Amanat Agung, agar Yesus segera datang kembali. Kenyataannya, keadaan di banyak negara berkembang
sekarang ini, tidak jauh berbeda dengan keadaan di abad pertama di zaman Alkitab.
Dengan pertolongan Allah, pelajaran-pelajaran ini tidak akan terlalu sukar bagi mereka yang hanya mempunyai bekal pendidikan rendah sekalipun, atau bahkan bagi mereka yang tidak mengenyam pendidikan sama sekali. Pengajarannya sangat sederhana dan tidak rumit. Kata-katanya pasti mudah bagi Anda untuk dimengerti. Pastikanlah bahwa Anda mengajarkan pelajaran ini kepada orang-orang lain. Berdoalah selalu dan persiapkanlah diri Anda sebaik-baiknya. Waktu Anda mengajar, tambahkanlah ayat-ayat Alkitab dan ceritera-ceritera yang anda pilih sendiri sebagai ilustrasi supaya proses pengajaran menjadi menarik, semarak dan hidup. Anda belajar dan dimuridkan untuk memuridkan orang lain. Tuhan mau melakukan pekerjaan besar dalam hidup anda, sadarkah anda akan hal tersebut?

Kami juga menerima undangan pelayanan untuk memperlengkapi tubuh Kristus yang ada di manapun baik itu gereja, persekutuan, sekolah Alkitab maupun setiap kumpulan orang percaya yang merindukan untuk dimuridkan.

Bimbingan pribadi hubungi kami pada email atau WA (only) 085863761509 (Dave Broos)

Pelatihan ini tidak dipungut biaya sama sekali tetapi bila anda ingin mendukung pelayanan kami secara finansial hingga kami dapat menolong gereja-gereja di daerah dalam menanggapi panggilan Tuhan dan amanat agungNya dapat menyalurkan donasi ke rekening BCA 0081824788 atas nama Dave Broos. Donasi anda akan digunakan untuk memperlengkapi tubuh Kristus di garis depan dan tubuh Kristus yang tak mampu.

Harapan kami pada akhirnya umat Tuhan bukan hanya sekedar menghangatkan bangku gereja tetapi menjadi murid Kristus yang menanggapi amanat agung Kristus dengan menjadikan segala bangsa murid Kristus. Impian kami melihat setiap gedung gereja menjadi tempat memperlengkapi umat Tuhan untuk diutus memberitakan kabar baik, memuridkan orang lain dan menanam gereja di tempat mereka bekerja, belajar atau dimanapun.

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-       Bagi para murid yang rindu untuk bertumbuh lebih dalam, bersungguh-sungguhlah untuk: - Membaca , menghafalkan dan merenungkan bagian Alkitab dari setiap pelajaran. Lalu praktekkan dalam hidup sehari-hari.
                 - Untuk mendapatkan sertifikat pada akhir tiap kursus, selesaikan tugas diskusi, praktika dan tugas diploma. Kirimkan tugas-tugas tersebut ke alamat email:  dengan judul Kursus Pemuridan.
                 - Berdoa syafaat bagi setiap suku bangsa yang belum mengenal Kristus.
                 - Berdoa pada Tuhan, selama minggu ini, bagikan apa yang telah Anda pelajari pada orang lain dan bentuklah kelompok kecil untuk belajar bersama apa yang telah Anda pelajari. Bisa dimulai dengan keluarga di rumah, sahabat-sahabat, dll.

-       Bagi para murid yang mau mendukung kelangsungan pelayanan Sekolah Alkitab Online ataupun pelayanan The Eagles Nest Ministries ini dapat menyalurkan donasi ke rekening BCA Bandung II no 0081824788 atas nama Dave Broos
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