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14 Things I Loved About Being My Church’s Capital Campaign Chairman

For the past two years, I have served as the chairman of Fellowship Bible Church‘s capital campaign.  Today, we opened our new student building (see above).  As a result, I have spent much of the weekend reflecting on this process and my life in general.
As many of you may know, I have been employed by INJOY Stewardship Solutions for the last 14 years.  I spend everyday helping pastors and church leaders fully-fund their ministry through vision-driven capital campaigns.  Serving my own church, however, has truly been a privilege.
In an effort to give you some insight into what I am thinking and feeling, the following are 14 Things I Loved About Being My Church’s Capital Campaign Chairman:
  1. I Love Capital Campaigns – Nothing is more leadership intensive than a capital campaign.  You are dealing with senior pastors of growing churches, team building, vision construction, compelling needs, mobilization of leaders, vision casting, diligence, setting the staff up for success, public and private communication strategies, and solving problems.  Seriously, how could you not enjoy capital campaigns?!  I am so thrilled God has not called me to a lesser task.
  2. I Love My PastorDr. Crawford Loritts is not only my pastor, he is a close personal friend.  My primary job as campaign chairman was meeting with key groups of leaders, making congregational announcements, and answering A LOT of questions.  It was an honor to represent my pastor and clear the path with the congregation so his job would be easier.
  3. I Love Our Church – It was such a privilege to watch our people respond to God’s vision, sacrifice, and invest in the next generation of students.
  4. I Love My Fellow Elders – I have spent five years in the foxhole with these guys.  Also, you should never put your friends in harm’s way.  I knew whatever I said during public announcements they would have to answer questions about in their small groups.  I always wanted to make their job easy.
  5. I Love My Church Staff – Capital campaigns do bring additional responsibilities to key staff.  I always tried to be an encouragement to them and lighten their load.  One of the ways I did this was obviously kind and encouraging words, but I would approach conversations with phrases like, “How can I help you in this meeting”, “What do you need me to say” or “What do you need from me to help you out?”
  6. I Love Asking For Money – There you go, I said it!  I LOVE asking for money.  The reason is because I know what God does in the heart of the giver when they experience generosity and I also know what God does with the resources given to change human life.  Shown above is a picture of me making this morning’s campaign announcements.
  7. I Love Making People Happy – What I will always remember about this morning was not the new building, not the fresh paint, not the kind words, and definitely not the amount of money given.  What I will always remember is I have never seen our students happier.  Everything in this world works to tear students down and devalue them.  Because of our capital campaign, we were able to tell our students, “Hundreds of people sacrificed so you could have this facility.  This was built for you and your friends.  We love you, value you and want to invest in your future.”
  8. I Love Watching People Experience Generosity – 124 people invested in our ministry for the very first time during our campaign.  This is 124 people who made the conscious decision to trust God with what the world worships – money and possessions.
  9. I Love Being Part Of Something Bigger Than Myself – This was not about me or any other individual.  This was not about a building.  This was about God working in the hearts and lives of an army of people, called Fellowship Bible Church, to the point they would be willing to sacrifice so the next generation of students could spend eternity with Jesus.
  10. I Love Knowing There Will Be People I Will Never Meet Until Heaven Who Will Get Saved In This Building – I got saved in 1980 in a building constructed in 1956.  I can’t wait to meet the people in Heaven, who sacrificed 24 years before I ever walked in the door, so I could meet Jesus.  May I have the same privilege to meet people who will find Jesus in this facility for decades to come.
  11. I Love Making Memories – I remembered our early elder meetings when this subject originally came up.  To go back in my mind to those early meetings and now seeing the hundreds of students enjoying their new facility was humbling and made me so thankful to God for His kindness.
  12. I Love My Daughter – The way the timeline for construction was originally shaping up, I thought my daughter would be in college when the building opened.  Not only did it open during her senior year of high school, she got to lead worship during its inaugural service.  See the platform in the picture above.
  13. I Love Celebrating With Friends – After our morning services, my wife and I joined a fellow elder and his wife for lunch.  It was a great time to reminisce, laugh and talk about what it took to see the building become reality.
  14. I Love Thanking People – Words of Affirmation is my love language.  When I do public announcements I take every opportunity to thank people for their generosity.  I give them updates and always point out we would not be where we are without their generosity.  And tonight, Crawford sent me a text thanking me for my efforts.  I have no plans to delete that text.  It means everything to me and capped off a great day.
If your church needs to do a capital campaign, do not be afraid.  If done right, it can a thrilling and a life-changing experience.  And here is the interesting, if done right, a capital campaign can actually be FUN!  If you want to find out how this is done, feel free is email me at for more information.  I would love to speak with you about your need and help you anyway I can.
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Cubs' World Series Win a Spiritual Experience?

It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. My father and his father never witnessed it in their lifetime, but prayed for it often: "Please God, let the Chicago Cubs win the World Series...just this once!" But now I’ve seen it happen.
And it was quite a spiritual experience!
Is it wrong to pray for your favorite sports team to win? Is that a waste of God's time or sacrilegious somehow?
I don't think so. I explain in my latest new blog post:
Was the Cubs' World Series Win a Spiritual Experience?
Lessons Learned and a Little Insight From Michael Hyatt

Let's see if and why the World Series may have added up to being a "spiritual experience"...
...Spiritual experiences usually teach us something too. There were some great and practical leadership lessons learned from the game. One of my favorite bloggers, Michael Hyatt, breaks it down well in this [click to continue]
Here’s to winning!

2 Harsh Realities All Leaders Should Know

His name was Frank.  Frank had just resigned and was cleaning out his desk.  Hoping for an emotional farewell from his co-workers, he looked forward to Rick coming by his cubicle.  Rick arrived at Frank’s cubicle with his chair.  Frank oddly looked at Rick’s chair.  Rick said, “Frank, we’re going to miss you.  I like your chair better than mine.  I’m switching them out.”  And Rick returned to his cubicle with Frank’s chair in tow.  I remember the scene well.
Frank had a new job.  Rick had a new chair.  Life goes on.
Tonight I was being a great dad by spending time with my teenage daughter watching an old episode of Gilmore Girls.  While watching this lighthearted comedy, I was reminded of Frank and Rick’s chair exchange and 2 Harsh Realities All Leaders Should Know.
In the show’s opening scene, one of the town’s leaders called everyone together for a 3:00 AM impromptu video meeting.  In an almost broken-hearted fashion, he informed the sleep deprived collection of leaders he would be unable to run the town fair.  A disgusted councilwoman looked at someone seated on the front row and said, “Will you run it?”  He said, “Yes” and everyone began leaving to go back home and back to bed.
Here is the first Harsh Reality – Everyone, Even You, Is Replaceable.  If you resign, you will be replaced within seconds.  You likely already have many people in your organization who think they can do your job better than you and are just waiting for the opportunity to show it.  Next Man Up is not just a sports phrase.  It is a leadership reality regardless of your profession.  Life goes on without you.
It was then I was reminded of the second Harsh Reality – No One Cares What The Former Leader Thinks.  As the crowd was filing out, the now-former organizer of the fair was giving suggestions about how to make it successful.  He felt he was imparting vital information, information critical to the fair’s success, and wisdom which could only gained from his vast experience.  However, no one was listening and he eventually was speaking to an empty room.
When you are no longer the leader, you lose most if not all of your influence.  You have moved on and so have the people.  The people’s attention is now directed towards the new leader.  The new leader also has a new vision.  So if you cannot emotionally handle the loss of influence and “not being the man”, be careful about leaving your position.  Life goes on without you.
Understanding these two Harsh Realities while still holding your position actually makes you a better leader.  If forces you to put the good of the organization ahead of your personal platform or preferences.  You also understand the organization will outlast you and therefore you should want it to be a sustainable success.  There is no success without succession.
Life goes on without you.  As it should.
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16 Habits Of Leaders Who Have Your Back

“It’s nice to come to the park every day knowing that’s your leader and he has your back.” – Cleveland Indians’ Mike Napoli on his manger Terry Francona
You have to trust your leaders to be a successful organization.  A lack of trust will destroy a team.  You must know your leader will have your back.  As you can read from the quote above, the Cleveland Indians baseball knows their leader, manager Terry Francona has their back.
In the October 27th edition of USA Today, Francona was profiled.  As I read the article, I gleaned the following 16 Habits Of Leaders Who Have Your Back:
  1. Leaders Who Have Your Back Know You Can Be Insecure – Francona said, “I don’t think it matter how old you are, how much experience you have.  It’s OK to be nervous.  It’s still a big deal.  Hey, it’s the World Series.”
  2. Leaders Who Have Your Back Make Your Job Fun – Cleveland general manager Mike Chernoff said, “That’s what makes this culture so fun around here.  He’s made such a huge difference on this entire organization.”
  3. Leaders Who Have Your Back Are Consistent – Reliever Cody Allen said, “He’s the same guy every day, no matter what the situation, where we’re at, who we’re playing.
  4. Leaders Who Have Your Back Are Approachable – Allen added, “You’ll find him in his office playing cards with some of the players 30 minutes before the game.  The clinching game in Toronto, he’s in there trying to win money from guys.”
  5. Leaders Who Have Your Back Unite People Rather Than Divide Them – Chernoff pointed out, “One of the biggest things he’s done here is broken down every potential barrier there could be between different departments.  Everything we do now, from the front office to the field staff to the business side, we do it as one cohesive unit.”
  6. Leaders Who Have Your Back Are Safe To Be Around – Chernoff continues, “Tito makes it a really safe place to be yourself.  He likes to thing of himself as a regular guy, and that leadership style makes it a safe place for everybody to interact freely.”
  7. Leaders Who Have Your Back Are Competent – They not only want to have your back, they have the track record and skill to be able to actually have your back.  Francona can flat-out coach.  He won two World Series championships with the Boston Red Sox and has a 38-23 playoff record.
  8. Leaders Who Have Your Back Are A Joy To Be Around – Jason Kipnis said, “Tito is the best.  You are not going to find one guy in here who doesn’t enjoy playing for him.  And you’re not gong to find one guy who doesn’t want him to be their manager the rest of their careers.  Once you have Tito, you really don’t want anybody else to ever manage you.”
  9. Leaders Who Have Your Back Are Genuine – Mike Napoli said, “He’s a genuine person, and you can talk to him about anything.”
  10. Leaders Who Have Your Back Are Honest – Napoli adds, “He’s going to you the truth.”
  11. Leaders Who Have Your Back Want The Absolute Best For You – Napoli continues, “He wants you to do good, he wants to talk to you, and that’s for everybody in the clubhouse.”
  12. Leaders Who Have Your Back Appreciate You For Who You Are – Francisco Lindor said, “Since Day 1, he has let me be me.”
  13. Leaders Who Have Your Back Are Respected And Help You Earn Respect As Well – Francona told Lindor, “I want you to be yourself, but at the same time, respect everyone here.  The only way you’re going to earn respect from your teammates is if you show that you want to win and play hard.”  Lindor noted, “And that’s exactly what I’m doing.”
  14. Leaders Who Have Your Back Are All About Others – Former Indians general manager Mark Shapiro said, “What would mean the most is that he’d win for the franchise where his dad played.  He loves his dad.  He respects his Dad and what he did before him (playing at Cleveland).”
  15. Leaders Who Have Your Back Want You To Get Better Every Day – Shapiro added, “Nobody knew how driven he is, how willing he is to drive the culture of us getting better every day, from top to bottom.  It’s unbelievable.”
  16. Leaders Who Have Your Back Are Grateful Leaders – Francona concluded, “No one should be thanking me.  I’m the one who needs to be thanking them.”
What is one thing you learned from the leadership of Terry Francona which will help you better have your team’s back?
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14 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Arrival The Movie

Amy Adams, as linguistics expect Dr. Louise Banks in the new movie Arrival, delivers an Oscar-worthy emotional tour de force.  Arrival is the story of 12 alien pods which come to Earth and our attempts to build a relationship and discover their reasons why.
There are two reasons to see this move – Amy Adams and a brilliant conclusion.
The following are 14 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Arrival The Movie:
  1. Good Meat Makes Its Own Gravy – There is no nudity or language in this movie.  Good storytelling does not need it.  Think about that.
  2. Talent Matters To Your SuccessArrival is a good movie but it is Adams which takes this movie from good to great.  If you want your church, business, non-profit, or athletic organization to go to another level, get a talented leader.
  3. Your Confidence Flows From Your Memory – Banks said, “Memory is a strange thing.  We are bound by time.  By its order.”  For the Christian, when doubt sets in, your memory is your best friend.  Going back to God’s previous faithfulness in your life gives you the confidence needed for the days ahead.
  4. Competence And Expertise Are In High Demand – This is because there is so little of it.  Because of her expertise in linguistics, the military sought out Banks to negotiate with the aliens.
  5. Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones But Words Can Cut You Deeply – Banks wrote, “Language is the first weapon drawn in conflict.”
  6. Give People Something Before Asking Them For Something – When mathematics expert Ian Donnelly, played by Jeremy Ritter, wanted to immediately start testing the aliens’ intellect, Banks said, “Why don’t we talk to them before we start throwing math problems at them?”
  7. High Functioning Teams Are Efficient And Use An Economy Of Words – As the military was going about their tasks, there was no wasted motion, energy or words.
  8. Building Relationships Requires Courage – For Banks to build a relationship with the aliens and understand their language, she had to take many risks – putting on a claustrophobic suit, enter a spaceship, remove the suit, commit treason, and enter personal relationships she knew were doomed for failure.
  9. Building Relationships Requires Patience – Though pushed by the military for a swifter answer, it took months for Banks to decipher their language.
  10. Everyone Has A Name – Psychologists state the sound people love to hear the most is their name.  Everyone has a name and everyone matters to Jesus.
  11. Many Great Leaders Are Not Married – Banks said, “You can understand communication and still be single.”
  12. Leaders Need To Broaden Their Perspective – Banks told a military official, “If all I ever gave you was a hammer…every problem is a nail.”
  13. Great Leaders Ask Great Questions – “If you could see your whole life from start to finish would you change things?”
  14. What Happens Last Is Often What Lasts – Candidly, aside from Adams, the pacing of the movie felt slow.  However, the ending is phenomenal.  As I left the movie, the film’s conclusion left a great taste in my mouth.  As you are taught in competitive sales environments, last impressions last.
Once again, if you are looking for an Oscar-worthy performance, go watch Amy Adams’s portrayal of Dr. Louise Banks.  It is an emotional masterpiece.
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10 Things I Learned Preaching through Ephesians…Again

10 Things I Learned Preaching through Ephesians…Again

Nov 14, 2016 08:30 am | Mike Glenn

We’ve just finished our series preaching through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. To add a little more challenge to this series, we preached the letter in reverse. We started with chapter 6 and went to chapter 1. Here are 10 things I learned preaching through Ephesians…again. 

1. People are people.

Although we’re separated from the people and culture of Ephesus by several thousand years, we have a lot in common with them. The issues addressed in Paul’s letter are the same we address every week in our own church—marriage and family, faith and culture, leadership, relationships, and how the gospel impacts every area of our lives. For all of our differences and as much things have changed in our world, people are still pretty much the same.

2. The war may be over, but the battle goes on.

True, Christ has completed His redemptive work. Our future is secure in Him. Yet, our enemy, though defeated, is still fighting. That’s why we have to be dressed in the full armor of God. Every day is a fight.

3. The good news of the gospel impacts every area of our lives.

Our marriages, our roles as spouses and parents, our roles as employers and employees, our place as believers in an unbelieving culture—everything is under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

4. All of us have spiritual gifts, but no one has all of the gifts.

God, in His wisdom, has created a process where we need each other. We are, in the unity of Spirit, more reflective of Christ together than we are individually.

5. God was working before we got here, and He’ll be working after we’re gone.

The divine purposes of God were established before the foundation of time, and His work will continue until He’s completed all that He has promised.

6. Salvation is a gift.

We can’t do anything to earn it, and we haven’t done anything to deserve it. Because it’s gift, we can only receive our salvation in gratitude and live it out faithfully.

7. Each of us was called ON purpose FOR purpose.

Paul was an apostle—by the will of God—called to proclaim the gospel to the Gentiles. Paul saw his ministry as part of his salvation experience. Yes, we’re grateful for our salvation, but it always involves a call, a mission to which we are sent. They go hand in hand.

8. We didn’t choose Jesus. He chose us.

I always find it amusing when someone tells me they “found Jesus.” I quickly remind them, “Jesus wasn’t lost.”

9. The redemptive work of Christ won’t be defeated.

His victory is “predestined.” The end is already determined, and the victory belongs to Jesus. Because we’re “in Christ,” His victory is our victory.

10.   There’s always reason to praise.

Remember, Paul was in prison as he wrote this letter. His first words to the Ephesians? “Praise!” How could Paul say that? Because Paul knew regardless of the situation, God is always working things out for His glory. That’s a lesson I need to learn again and again… 
So, there you go. What did you learn going through Ephesians in Reverse? Let me know!
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35 Leadership Lessons From Pastor Johnny Hunt’s 30th Anniversary At First Baptist Woodstock

My hometown of Woodstock, GA is a better place to live because Dr. Johnny Hunt has been the senior pastor of First Baptist Church Woodstock (FBCW) for the last 30 years.  He has been our city’s most recognizable person for a generation.  Pastor Johnny is also Woodstock’s most influential person because he has stewarded his leadership with love, mercy, dignity, generosity and grace.  He has been a picture of Jesus and FBCW has seen thousands of lives transformed with the power of the Gospel.
On November 6th, FBCW honored Pastor Johnny for his 30 years of faithful service and 40 years of marriage to his wife Janet.  Part of celebration included the video above.
As I watched their story being told, I gleaned the following 35 Leadership Lessons From Pastor Johnny Hunt’s 30th Anniversary At First Baptist Woodstock.  These lessons will make you a better pastor, leader, man and Christian.  First is the lesson followed by a quote from the video.
  1. Great Pastors Love And Unapologetically Preach The Bible – “unapologetic about here’s the Word of God”
  2. Great Pastors Have Great Influence In The Lives Of Others – “Johnny Hunt has influenced my life more than any other person on the face of the Earth.”
  3. Great Pastors Are Continual Learners – “Whatever Johnny decided to do in life he had a knack for picking it up real quick.”
  4. Great Pastors Passionately Give God And Their Churches Everything They’ve Got – “He doesn’t do anything 30, 60, or 90 percent.  It’s usually 100 all the time.”
  5. Great Pastors Are On A Great Mission – “He’s a real man on a real mission making an impact for eternity’s sake.”
  6. Great Pastors Never Despise Small Beginnings – “My first Sunday here there was 200 (in attendance).”
  7. Great Pastors Are Great Servants – “Johnny demonstrated real quickly his desire to serve (after getting saved) because he started cleaning everyone’s windows.”
  8. Great Pastors Must Also Be Discipled – “So when I came to Christ and then Alfred Joyner began to pour into me and disciple me and a lot of men began to influence me but no one as deeply as he did.”
  9. Great Pastors Have A Heart For Lost People – “The first thing he wanted to do was go visit some of his friends that were lost.”
  10. Great Pastors Are Broken – “‘I want to tell you about what Jesus has done in my life.’  He came in, sat down, and began to weep and just shared with me about how the Lord has just changed his life.”
  11. Great Pastors Have A Great Love For Their Church – “Lavonia Baptist Church was a great place to cut my spiritual teeth.  35 the first Sunday.  In three years we probably consistently had 105, 110.  And really were heartbroken when we left there.”
  12. Great Pastors Do Significant But Difficult Work – “I led people to the Lord who became pastors.  It was a significant but difficult work (in his 2nd church.)”
  13. Great Pastors Often See Great Growth – “When Johnny came (to Long Leaf Baptist Church, the church he got saved in) we saw tremendous growth.”
  14. Getting A Message From Lord Is Necessary To Being A Great Pastor – “You knew you were going to get a message from the Lord.  Something was going to happen.  You never knew what.”
  15. Great Calamity Offers Pastors Great Opportunity – “We had lost our pastor and some of the staff…The members of the church needed a lot of healing.  There was a lot of hurt feelings, a lot of anger that needed to go away.”
  16. Great Pastors Have Great Obedience To God – “They went to bed one night thinking there was no way they’re coming here.  The next morning they woke up and God had somehow changed their mind in the middle of night.”
  17. Great Pastors Meet You Where You Are – “I think I know where you are.  And I will come down to where you are but I will not go down to where you are and stay.”
  18. Great Pastors Have A Great Vision For Their Church And City – “Johnny came down with a challenging mentality and a challenging vision to the church.”
  19. Great Pastors Have Great Optimism – “I think we can go from 200 to 500 in a couple of three years.”
  20. Great Pastors Are Great Leaders – “Johnny led out front.  He was always out front.”
  21. Great Pastors Draw The Best Out Of You – “He drew the best out of you.  He caused you to want to be the best you possibly could be and all for the right reasons.”
  22. Great Pastors Are Always In Process And Never Arrive – “To see where we’ve come from to where we are and know we’re still in process.  We’ve not yet arrived.”
  23. Great Pastors Have Experienced Defining Moments – “If you knew every mission trip I’ve been on, they’ve all been significant at some level.  But the first one I went on I’ll never forget.”
  24. Great Pastors Have Experienced Great Doubt – “He said, ‘Morgan, do you ever think we’ll fill this building up?”  We were in three services in less than a month or two.”
  25. Great Pastors Rescue Hurting People – “I don’t know where I’d be today if it wasn’t for you.  That was one and now there’s been hundreds (in the City of Refuge – a ministry to hurting pastors).”
  26. Great Pastors Go Through A Time Of Great Preparation – “A call to ministry is a call to prepare.”
  27. Great Pastors Never Give Up On People – “28 years and 9 months is a long time (to accept Jesus after the first time Pastor Johnny witnessed to him).  I’m so thankful Johnny never gave up.”
  28. Great Pastors Pray Great Prayers – “I’ve never forgotten week and week, long before he ever knocked on my door, he prayed for me.”
  29. Great Pastors Take Their People On A Great Journey – “It’s been a great journey.  I’m looking forward to however long it keeps running.”
  30. Great Pastors Are Great Friends – “It’s been a joy not just to call him my pastor but my friend.”
  31. Great Pastors Show Great Generosity – “He’s the most generous, loving, kind, understanding pastor I’ve ever had in my life.”
  32. Great Pastors Make Great Dreams Come True – “I’ve lived my life, and thanks to him, realized my dream.”
  33. Great Pastors Have A Great Wife – “It’s been a real joy these for last 30 years, to be in a place where Johnny can be fulfilled, to do what God’s called him to do with great joy.  And then just the freedom that the church has given Johnny to be able to do all these different things even outside Woodstock as he represents the people of Woodstock, is a great blessing and joy to me.” – Mrs. Janet Hunt
  34. Churches Must Understand How To Leverage The Influence Of Great Pastors – “There’s not one church in a 1,000 that would free their pastor up to say, ‘Let King Jesus lead you by the Spirit of God to embrace a Kingdom living, not a First Baptist Church Woodstock living, not just our church as a kingdom, but the greater world of ministry.”
  35. Great Pastors And Their Churches Experience Great Joy – “Woodstock has been 30 years of joy.  Not 29.  It’s been 30 years of joy.”
Thank you Pastor Johnny and Mrs. Janet for your faithful service.  Our city and individual lives are better because you.  God bless.
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